100 things

100 things about Plu

by Martin Pluss

1. I was born in Roseville in 1960 on October 13 and quickly relocated to Green Valley.

2. I visited my Liverpool home 30 years later and asked the owners if I could look around - they let me.

3. Dad owned a pharmacy in Elizabeth Drive Liverpool.

4. Mark Latham and Graham Murray were two of his many customers

5. My Mum was an infants’s school teacher.

6. I lit a box of individual matches under my bed when I was 4 years old and got into a lot of trouble.

7. My Grandfather was Swiss and arrived with a textile loom in 1918.

8. As a kid I fell off my golden retriever while trying to ride him – his name was Jockey.

9. I went to school on the current site of Westfields in Liverpool.

10. There were 63 students in my Year 1 class.

11. I have two brothers and a sister who are smarter than me – Doctor Lawyer/novelist and banker. It does not worry me – just a fact.

12. When I was 8 we moved to Strathfield and I went to St Marthas and then St Pats.

13. We owned a 4wd drive in the 1970s before they were trendy and for the right reasons - went bush a lot.

14. Dad brought 100acres in Canyonleigh and we did the Tree of Man thing and then I had to read it for the HSC.

15. My favourite number is 13.

16. Dad sold the 100 acres and I moved down there to teach 6 years later – ironic.

17. By then we used to go to a mate’s 2000 acres in Bylong Valley where I learnt to shoot and ride motorbikes.

18. I cannot remember doing any home work till Year 11.

19. Year 10 was a tough year and I started working harder the next year.

20. I have always been a spiritual person.

21. I loved school.

22. I loved university.

23. My Honours year was hard work and enjoyable.

24. I was happy I got to the last 8 (of 120) in the School Captain’s voting.

25. I swam six laps of Sydney University Pool in 5 years of study.

26. I ran the Olympic Marathon Course in 2000.

27. I am very appreciative of Gough Whitlam giving me a free university education.

28. I worked as a furniture removalist to pay my way through university that is where the name Murry came from.

29. I will do a Gough for my children.

30. I met Jenny when I was 18 and she was 17 at university in 1979.

31. On our first official date three years later when Jenny danced with Prince Charles. I wish I had a digital camera then.

32. I was set with my future mother-in-law Helen.

33. I shared a terrace with friend's of my sister in Wilson Street Redfern.

34. The eighties was a self indulgent decade of running for me.

35. I did one play with SUDs at the Seymour Centre and another at the Country Women’s Association of Bowral.

36. Doing my Honours thesis and Masters were the of the best career things I did.

37. I wanted to call my thesis "Strathfield : The Northshore of the Western Suburbs" but my supervisor would not let me.

38. The Master's dissertation was on Nonformal Education in Asia and the Pacific – never been there.

39. I have published at least one article every year since I left university

40. I missed out by 1-2 marks getting First Class Honours (don’t tell anyone I was not meant to know).

41. I got an outstanding classification for my teaching and placed equal first.

42. Yes I know I am modest.

43. I got a job in Bowral teaching after sending out lots of applications. Then other interviews came.

44. Living in Bowral was like one big overseas trip I never did.

45. I played touch football against the prisoners of Berrima jail. We were called the Pinkettes. We called all our team mates Murry to confuse the opposition – and us.

46. Murry Gray, Murry Plu and Murry Court lived together for three years and it was party central and later Murry Jones and Therese moved in.

47. Meanwhile I started running and doing triathlons with 1986 being the magic year for PBs.

48. It was cold swimming in Bowral pool – once it was 14 degrees.

49. I did no o/s trip because when I got $13, 000 saved I purchased my first house for $48,000.

50. Two weeks later the stockmarket crashed in October 1987.

51. I sold it two years later for $156, 000 and that was my first big financial break.

52. Jenny and I got married in 1988 and she came to Bowral with me for two years.

53. In 1987 I got 4th in the NSW Canoe Marathon Championship with Jonesy.

54. My brother in law was a wicket keeper for NSW for 10 years, Captain of the side and played one test match in Pakistan in 1994.

55. My father in law was a Wallaby in the 1948-49 Australian Team.

56. Jenny’s maiden name is Emery.

57. Jenny and I worked at the same school for 9 years together – it was great.

58. I took a year off in 1993 and 1996 to be a Dad with Nick and Ali in the first year of their lives.

59. I describe the 1990s as the decade of deferred personal goals.

60. I want to do an ironman and realistically might never do it.

61. Every time I read a new book I turn to page 96 to read a page to see if I like it.

62. I was not allowed to watch No 96 as a kid.

63. I started a Pub Book in 1984 to write my thoughts and it has evolved into a blog.

64. Running is now part of my life whereas once it was the obsession of my life.

65. We have owned houses in Bowral, Berowra, St Ives, Galston, Pennant Hills, Avoca Beach and Cremorne.

66. According to Myers Briggs I am an ENFP but it changes.

67. I got into Zen Buddhism in 1986 when I found a book in a bookshop while I was waiting for a tax audit.

68. I have also had a 20 year interest in Carl Jung – anima and animus and collective unconsciousness.

69. Neville and Helen, Jenny’s parents, died with in three weeks of each other in 1991.

70. Nan used to go to Communion every morning and said the Rosary every night.

71. I have ran all the monuments in Washington in 72 minutes.

72. My favourite colour is purple and two colours are orange and black.

73. Cool Running has given me purpose in life and running again.

74. Every February while at university we rented the same house at Avoca beach – two bedrooms, 10 guys and Jenny.

75. I spent a week in hospital with a stomach bleed in 1991 - a bug from overseas.

76. That got my weight down to 60kgs – now I am 80kgs – peaked at 85 I think.

77. I should have run around Ayres rock with my mates in 1977.

78. When in Los Angeles Burnsie and I flew to Vegas to play black jack for a day and flew back that night.

79. I have grown a beard every year since 1977 and always get checked out by security in shops, banks and airports when I have it.

80. My most read book is The Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

81. My most viewed movies are The Big Chill and The Godfather.

82. I don’t like being up-to-date. I’d rather be ahead of up-to-date.

83. I love a cuppa chino in a café after being in a bookshop.

84. I was a good gymnast and a gun skateboarder when they were flexible boards.

85. I made a career in geography and prefer history.

86. I have been alive for 12 Olympics but can only remember 9 of them.

87. I get my inspiration and strength from being around people.

88. I aim to be positive and upbeat.

89. I am allergic to penicillin and some other drug - very ugly if I have them.

90. As well as the coast I love deserts and mountains.

91. I find abstinence easier.

92. I find throwing out things to be liberating.

93. I get bored easily.

94. I am an extrovert rather than an introvert.

95. I prefer perception over making judgments.

96. I tend to feel first then think through situations.

97. I am mainly an intuitive rather than a sensing person.

98. I love my mates.

99. I love my family.

100. My aim in life and death is to be useful and happy.